Reasons To Not Own A Gun

  1. You have a felony on your record.
  2. You’re under age.
  3. You live in a town that won’t allow personal gun ownership.
  4. You live in the home of someone else who will not allow you to own a gun on the property.
  5. You have a bad temper and are unable to handle your rage.
  6. You have suicidal ideations or fantasies of some level1.
  7. You feel that you’re unable to acquire the minimal skills required to be a safe gun handler.

Please do not count yourself out for gun ownership for any of the following reasons:

  1. You’re afraid of guns.
  2. You’ve never handled a gun before.
  3. You don’t know anyone else who’s handled a gun.
  4. You’re afraid of loud noises.
  5. Guns are scary.

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