Gun Curious?

Are you considering gun ownership for the first time? Are you interested in learning more about guns? Finding a trainer? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to offer you resources to help you find what you need to get started in the world of legal, responsible gun ownership. Regardless of age, gender, or experience every American citizen and legal resident have the right to decide if they want to take advantage of the options availed to us by our 2nd Amendment.

There is no magic in the world of gun ownership. Nothing says that one person or groups of people deserve to own or use a gun more than any other group. If you’ve arrived here because you’re gun curious, great. We’re happy to see you here. We believe that responsible gun ownership is an absolute iron clad requirement for anyone deciding to own guns. Follow the path below to learn how to get from where you are today to enjoy the world of responsible gun ownership.

Steps To Responsible Gun Ownership
Achieved via guided reading, internet research and YouTube videos (if that’s your speed).  For a motivated person, this could be accomplished with a few hours of concentrated effort.  For most people, expect to spend about 8 hours of your time here.
Take an introductory handgun class.  Some gun shops or other training groups offer this training for free.